Windows Cannot Find The End User License Agreement

We also had the problem with the missing EULA („Setup can`t find end user license agreement”). Again, look here at I typed to proceed with the installation, and this error comes. The installation End User License Agreement (EULA) could not be found. 4) If Windows copied the installation files and the installation starts earlier, there was hpt3xx.sys missing file Error I extracted the file from to the i386 folder and bypassed hpt3xx.sys errror Complete error message: „The installer cannot find the End User License Agreement (EULA) If it cannot find a file, it is likely that he will not be able to find others. This is just a mistake to give. I tried two programs but always failed until I found this forum. I set the hard drive to boot before USB and used F12 to get a boot menu. Nevertheless, the Windows files have been copied to the USB drive. Before he started copying, he would say, „Look at the 80GB drive” or something of that scale is the hard drive. So Setup knows that the hard disk exists. The first partition is FAT32 8GB, active set. The second partition is NTFS~65GB, extended logically. As I mentioned earlier, it works well when I install Windows from the optical drive (same partition scheme: Windows installs on 8GB fat32).

This is also the case today. Try to install WES7 with Windows 1903 Setup, the same error occurs unless you are using a modified WES7 image with an additional license.rtf files in the correct locations. I tried to install xp on a netbook running Linux with rufus. .


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