Western Arctic Claim Inuvialuit Final Agreement

3.37 Inuvial contract information. We wanted to see to what extent public works informed the Inuvialuit of future contracts for the region. We found that the department, although it tracks contracts that are generally subject to land rights, it does not have systematic means – automated or otherwise – to identify the specific agreements to which each contract is subject. 3. (2) For greater security, the parties intend that this agreement should be a land law agreement within the meaning of paragraph 35, paragraph 3, of the Constitution Act 1982. 3.87 This review examined the efforts of federal organizations to carry out their missions with respect to the final Agreement of Inuvialuit. The performance of this responsibility is important because the agreement is constitutionally protected and involves significant obligations for Canada. In addition, the extent to which the federal government fulfills its obligations under this agreement may affect its credibility in negotiating future agreements with other Aboriginal communities. 2. In the event of the cancellation of the rights, rights, titles and national interests covered by sub-section 3, the beneficiaries of the agreement have the rights, privileges and benefits defined in the agreement, including the domestic title covered in points 7 1 and 2 of the agreement.

It is important to note that the secretariat of the Ministry of Finance has established an interdepartmental working group to develop a change in the contract policy of the Ministry of Finance, which will update the procurement process as part of comprehensive focal debt agreements. The amendment will clarify the responsibilities of departments for monitoring and reporting crown acquisitions in regions covered by comprehensive focal debt agreements, including the final agreement of Inuvialuit. 3.44 Control of contractual obligations. Indeed, as part of our audit (INAC, Public Works, Parks Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Environment Canada), the five federal organizations pointed out to us that they do not have systematic means to continue their contractual activities in relation to notifications and contracts relating to the region. As a result, they are unable to ensure that they meet their obligations under the agreement. Officials from the Ministry of Finance secretariat informed us that they have launched an initiative to improve monitoring and reporting on contractual obligations under comprehensive land agreements. 3.6 The pursuit of an inuvialuit claim began in 1974. An agreement in principle was signed in 1978 and negotiations between Inuvialuit and the federal government continued until the final agreement of Inuvialuit (the agreement) was signed 23 years ago, in 1984. At the time, it was the first comprehensive land agreement signed north of the 60th parallel, and only the third comprehensive land agreement in Canada. An agreement on land rights is essential for the development of northern Canada. As with all vast land agreements, the final Inuvialuit agreement is protected by the Constitution.

This was the first such agreement signed north of the 60th parallel and the third comprehensive land agreement in Canada.


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