Short Form Reseller Agreement

This Master Agreement (the „Agreement”) is entered into from the date the Partner accepts the terms of this Agreement by clicking „Accept” or „Accept” (the „Effective Date”) of GitLab and the Partner (hereinafter referred to as „Party” or „Party”Together”). Taking into account the reciprocal agreements contained therein and with the intention of being legally bound, the parties agree as follows: RIGHTS & OBLIGATIONS 2.1. In accordance with the Agreement, this installation and the GitLab Partner Program, GitLab appoints the Partner as a non-exclusive partner for the resale of GitLab products and services for the relevant territory. 2.2. The Partner guarantees that it is able to fulfil the obligations contracted under this Agreement and the Partner does not violate any explicit or tacit obligations towards third parties that bind it. 2.3 The Partner shall not represent itself as a representative of GitLab for any purpose, not give any conditions or guarantees, nor give any assurance on behalf of GitLab or bind GitLab with respect to any contracts. Partner does not provide any warranties, warranties, warranties, or other commitments regarding the specifications, functions, or capabilities of GitLab products and services that do not conform to or conform to those provided in the documentation provided by GitLab or in the GitLab Terms and Conditions. 2.4. GitLab has no obligations with regard to the terms and conditions agreed between the partner and third parties, including, but not not, authorized distributors and (b) end users. 2.5. The Partner requires any End User to sign or accept GitLab`s terms and conditions for the respective GitLab products and services (in a manner acceptable to GitLab). The partner must not modify or waive GitLab`s terms and conditions.

2.6. If the Partner becomes aware of a breach of GitLab`s terms and conditions, it will immediately notify GitLab and assist GitLab in enforcing the applicable terms. 2.7. The partner must: 2.7.1. do everything in its power to promote the resale of GitLab products and services throughout the territory; 2.7.2. manage its activities at all times in a way that positively reflects on GitLab products and services as well as on GitLab`s good reputation and reputation; 2.7.3. does not participate, alone or with others, in any unlawful, misleading, misleading or unethical practices, including, but not limited to, denigration of GitLab or GitLab products and services or other practices that may harm GitLab products and services, GitLab or the public interest; 2.7.4. not to provide false information regarding GitLab products and services; 2.7.5. not to actively market GitLab products and services outside the territory during the term of this Agreement without the prior written consent of GitLab; 2.7.6.

provide GitLab with reports, feedback and other information regarding orders and intended orders for GitLab products and services that GitLab may reasonably require from time to time; 2.7.7. not to make any commitments or assurances or to provide guarantees or guarantees regarding GitLab products and services; 2.7.8. use GitLab`s trademarks and trade names with respect to GitLab products and services only in the style registered or agreed upon in connection with the resale of GitLab products and services and not to use such trademarks or trade names in association with other products or services or in connection with the partner`s company name or trade; 2.7.9. not to modify, hide, remove, disrupt or add any trademarks, trade names, trademarks or indications affixed to or present on GitLab products and services; 2.7.10. . . .


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