Sales And Purchase Agreement In Chinese

Under Chinese law, certain assets, such as mineral reserves, rivers and oceans, are the property of the state. They cannot be settled as property under a contract of sale between civil parties. However, a common piece of advice is to keep agreements simple and concise: we`ve seen how long negotiations are usually long and can be a painful experience: they don`t want to start discussing a treaty with 15 pages of definitions, unless it`s absolutely necessary. 14.1 The contract is governed by English law, icc rules must be complied with in accordance with existing CIGS guidelines and UCC law conflicts with seller and buyer ICC.14.2 will attempt to settle all disputes amicably. Any party may, on the other hand, give notice requiring that any dispute be resolved within thirty (thirty) days of such notice and, if not settled, that it be arbitrated under this contract, unless buyer defaults or fails to provide the bank guarantee.14.3 Arbitration shall be heard by one or more arbitrators; which are appointed by mutual agreement between the parties and in accordance with French rules. The seat of the arbitration shall be Paris – France. The arbitral award shall be enforceable in any country and a request for mutual legal assistance shall be deemed to have been accepted without challenge or protest.14.4 If payment is not received where this contract is provided for and the seller declares that it is in breach of the contract, the summary judgment shall apply in accordance with the laws of England and shall automatically apply to the total value of the contract and the damages claimed therein, with the power: recover these costs in any country. 19.1 The Seller, its mandate and buyer, as well as its mandate, treat in a strictly private and confidential manner the information provided by the other party. This sales contract is drawn up by our lawyer in China. Although it is free for your use, we advise you to use our contract design lawyer service with China to establish a more reliable purchase and sale contract based on your specific situation. 9.1 The Seller shall make available with each consignment a complete sentence (6/6) Clean on Board Ocean Bill of Lading, signed by an authorised representative of the shipowners, signed by the master and showing the stamp of the ship and the indication „CLEAN ON BOARD” and „Freight Prepaid”, the following comments of the master are acceptable: Wet before shipment: Loading in open area: Rusty atmospheric within 21 (twenty-one) days from the date of payment. . .



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