Residential Lease Agreement For Furnished House

10. The tenant undertakes to properly maintain the furniture, carpets, curtains, appliances and other household objects as well as the personal effects of the owner, and accepts that he delivers them in good condition to the lessor at the end of the term of this rental contract, to expect normal wear and tear. 8. The tenant may only use the rented premises for a private residence for the occupation of persons not exceeding _____ unless otherwise specified, and the tenant may not make any changes to the house, outbuildings or land without the written consent of the owner. 13. The lessee may not keep or have items or objects of a dangerous, flammable or explosive nature in or on the rented house, next door or on the land, that could be considered „dangerous” or particularly dangerous by a responsible insurance company. 1. In accordance with the aforementioned contract and taking into account the rent reserved and the conditions, agreements and agreements included therein and by the tenant to respect and respect, the lessor thus keeps to the tenant all that the house furnished with the n.. ……….. Road……….. City, described in the first calendar below with furniture, equipment and accessories as well as the furniture and effects mentioned in the second list of the same for the tenant for a period of ……….. years from the 1st day of …, 2000, but subject to the previous finding of this shipwreck, as provided below, and the payment of the monthly rent of Rs.

….. . . .


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