Fcta Negotiated Agreement

We know that education is a challenging profession and we hope to create a manageable and liveable work environment. We believe that the people closest to the challenges of their profession are those who are best placed to solve them. In addition to the procedures outlined in the agreements negotiated between FCTA, FASSE and FCASA, Frederick Classical Charter School employees have an additional informal mechanism to resolve issues and make proposals. The school uses General Electric`s work-out process to enable employees to identify problems and unleash their creativity, energy and expertise to develop and implement solutions. The purpose of the work-out is not to create a more upscale formal and bureaucratic process for solving problems, but rather to promote an informal, simple, fast and staff-managed way of working, which respects the fact that the people closest to the problems have more knowledge to solve them. Through our teacher satisfaction survey, we are constantly improving in-service training opportunities so that teachers receive training that is useful to them. We are continuously increasing the school`s ability to offer professional development by moving from external consultants for professional development to the development of internal coaches whose expertise is sought at the academic, departmental and finally national levels. Our school considers well-written and well-stocked teaching plans as the heart and soul of improving education. In subjects where research programs are available, we try to use them so that the teacher can spend less time planning teaching and spend more time helping students. In areas where validated teaching is not available, we try to provide teachers with resources from which teaching can be developed and to provide them with support over a period of several years to complete a comprehensive set of proven teaching programmes tailored to the needs of the students. Our school offers rich and interesting free arts content – no test preparation program.

We believe that the best preparation for government tests is strong training, not narrowly concentrated teaching. While no public school is immune to the pressure of aligning with government tests, we do our best not to interfere with our focus on classical training and, at the same time, achieve good results in prescribed assessments. The charter application defines the mission, vision, expectations of the company and the initial program of the school. Click here to read the excerpts. „The secret of the joy of work is contained in one word – Excellence. To know how to do something good is to enjoy it. — Pearl S. Buck. . . .


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