Eu Canada Security Of Information Agreement

In 2017, the provisional application of the Canada-EU Strategic Partnership Agreement began, setting the framework for our political relationship. This agreement provides for regular dialogues, from the level of the summit of Heads of State and Government to meetings of Foreign Ministers, including meetings of experts in certain areas such as security and defence, development, climate change or innovation. Since 2017, the range of bilateral dialogues has expanded to 28 different thematic and geographic themes involving Global Affairs Canada and eight other federal departments or agencies. Canada and the EU also identify each other as „strategic partners”. `classified information` means any information which a Party has designated and identified as such by a security classification and which, when disclosed to unauthorized third parties, could harm or harm the interests of that Party to varying degrees. Such information may be available in oral, visual, electronic, magnetic or documentary form, or in the form of material, equipment or technology, and shall include reproductions, translations and material under development; RECOGNISING that the Parties must take appropriate measures to protect the information they exchange, the Mission of Canada to the EU encourages the exchange of information and best practices between Canada and the EU and encourages joint cooperation in areas of mutual interest. Canada and the EU have similar interests and can benefit from cooperation in a number of areas such as: Canada is the world leader in the life-cycle management of chemicals and substances. Through our National Chemicals Management Plan, we contribute to the chemicals and waste issues currently being addressed by the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development. Environment Canada is internationally committed to ensuring that chemicals and waste issues are effectively managed through international agreements such as Canada and the EU have a strong bilateral relationship on the wide range of foreign and security policies. We share a common history, common values, a commitment to preserving and promoting the rules-based international order and we share common ambitions for the future. We work closely bilaterally and multilaterally to promote democracy, peace and security, respect for human rights, the rule of law and effective multilateral institutions.

2. The receiving Party shall inform the transmitting Party of any request from a judicial authority or a legislative authority acting in the course of an investigation to obtain classified information it has received from the transmitting Party under this Agreement. . . .


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