Baseball Field Use Agreement

A one-time use agreement may allow a league or district to use a provider outside of our licensed partner. A league or district may request the use of these Little League marks in different functions, but it is seen that little League marks are only passed on to another party with the agreement of Little League Baseball, Incorporated. It goes without saying that the external supplier should not use the brands for financial profits. For more information on receiving a disposable agreement, please email Local leagues are permitted to use little League marks in connection with permitted local league activities, in accordance with the official rules or in the official rules of the Current Year`s Little League Rulebook. In addition, Little League brands are representative of certain baseball and softball programs chartered by Little League International and should not be used solely as a descriptive term for all youth sports programs. Whenever they appear online or in print, Little League brands should always be highlighted and only focus on Little League activities. Under no circumstances may local leagues, regional councils or other field agents authorize the use of the Little League Marks on or in connection with business products or services, including the sale of products or services. The local league does not have the right to assign the use of Little League trademarks to third parties. Local leagues are encouraged to contact their regional advisor for further fundraising ideas. D.A.s are encouraged to share experience and opportunities with application leagues. Also contact your D.A. before entering into an agreement that may include neighboring leagues or regions to avoid confusion.

These partners are familiar with Little League`s trademark usage guidelines. However, there may be a situation in which a league or district cannot use a licensed partner to meet special needs. Little League baseball, Incorporated requires that a disposable agreement be entered into to meet the needs of the league. These events are expected to occur at the end of the season game. These events can still be baseball/softball, but also allow your league to offer other activities to the community. Some examples are as follows: These events should appear as secondary events and not be removed from the baseball/softball product on the field. The event should be intended to contribute to the community and not benefit from the help of volunteers or players. Some examples are: donors and team sponsors at all levels of the Little League program should be motivated by the sole purpose of making a rewarding community contribution. Local support should aim to help young people and make their community a better place to live. Sponsorship should be positioned as a donation to the local league. Local leagues must recognize that they have a responsibility to the local community to fight for funds raised on behalf of the League to be used for league purposes and not for other purposes, however laudable they may be.


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