Acura Financial Lease Agreement

If you want to drive a new vehicle every two or four years, want lower monthly payments, are protected by the warranty, can drive an average number of miles, and can properly maintain your vehicle, you should consider leasing as an option. A concluded lease means that there are a number of payments you wish to make during the term of your lease agreement, and the rental company determines the final price or value of your vehicle at the end of the term. Once the lease is concluded, you can purchase the vehicle at the advance price indicated in your rental agreement, plus any taxes incurred, or return it without further commitment. If you opt for the return of your vehicle, you just need to make sure that you have not exceeded your mileage limit, that unpaid fines have been paid and that there is no excessive wear and tear on the vehicle. With lower monthly rents over a shorter period of time, you can drive a new vehicle more often. If your rented vehicle is involved in an accident, vandalized or stolen, the vehicle may need to be amortized. For insurance companies, „depreciation” means the fair market value less your deductible. Your statement of insurance may not always fulfill your contractual obligation. Our Future Value Lease offers you protection against these situations. The monetary CAP between your insurance settlement minus your deductible and your leasing commitment is automatically covered by our CAP. Certain conditions may apply. For more information, consult your on-site reseller.

Deliver your vehicle in good condition to your Acura dealer. Please include the following items: If all payments have been made, your call initiates the process of closing your rental account and you no longer receive regular monthly billing. Acura Financial Services (AFS) makes it easy to get the performance vehicles you`ve planned, with acura Loyalty Advantage exclusive luxury leasing benefits that no one else can offer. When your Acura Luxury LeaseTM comes to an end, you have to make an important decision. Acura Financial Services® is here to help. If you reach the last six months of your lease agreement, we invite you to explore your three options: as a leasing customer, you only pay part of the cost of a vehicle, i.e. the part you „consume” during the duration of the trip, and you only pay your monthly payments in relation to the total price of the vehicle. Signing a lease agreement means that you agree to make regular monthly payments, maintain proper insurance, pay vehicle taxes and royalties, and take good care of the vehicle for the duration of your contract. Acura Financial Services` Lease Maturity Center is dedicated to helping customers in the final leasing process. . .



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